July Winners

Pleasure Driving - Laura D.

Conformation Hunter Type - John T.

Over Fences - Ann B.

OTTB - Cathy L. & Therese S.

Beginner Equitation - Ann B.

English Open WT - Maddy L.

English Open WTC - Gabby W.

English Youth WT - Taylor H & Aurora C.

English Pleasure NOVICE - Sarah C.

English Jr/Sr WT - Gabby W.

English Classics - Nicolle R.

English Novice Horse WT - Ann B.

English New Combo - Megan Z.

English Novice Rider WT - Ann B. & Megan Z.

English Lead Line A - Paityn D.

English Lead Line B - Jeeva K.

English Unattached Lead Line - Paityn D.

English Unattached Lead Line Pattern - Paityn D.

English Walk - Sophia W.

New Beginnings Rescue - John T. & Suck It Up Buttercup

Halter Stock Type - Ryli D.

Showmanship OPEN - No Winner

Western Lead Line A - Paityn D.

Western Lead Line B - Kailynn H.

Western Unattached Lead Line - Paityn D.

Western Unattached Lead Line Pattern - Paityn D. 

Western Walk - Ryli D.

Trail - Laura D.

Timed Events - Nicole F.

Speed Events - Valerie L.

Western Open WJ - Jennifer H.

Western Open WJL - Valerie L.

Western Youth WJ - Wyatt M.

Gaited Horse - Valerie L.

Western Jr/Sr WJ - No Winner

Western Classics - No WinnerWestern Novice Horse WJ - Ryli D.

Western Novice Rider WJ - Ryli D.

Western New Combo  - Ryli D.

Congratulations to our winners! We will have your awards at our August 12th show!