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January 2020

Happy New Year!

I'll start off by saying Happy New year! Seems like we were just getting ready for the holidays and here we are starting a new year, my how times flies! Last season was a whirlwind for David, myself and our girls. In the middle of show season we picked up and moved to a brand new facility, one that offers a much larger opportunity. We went from 14 full care horses to over 30! This number doesn't include our ponies and field boarders for a total of 40 horses!! In May of 2019 we picked up and moved my entire business and 20 horses from Calvert County to Flat Iron Farm which was no easy task and a bit scary too! We had so many unknowns but we carried on. We got everyone (both horse and human) settled into a  new facility, new routine and made it the same family friendly, no drama facility we've had at our past locations.  If moving the business and farm wasn't enough, then the first week of June we moved our personal location from Calvert back to St. Mary's where we have a 24 acre farm and another barn! All this, PLUS running the shows, schooling the girls, etc was A LOT of work and left us physically and mentally exhausted but in the end was a total blessing in disguise. In no way would we have thought all that could take place in a two month time frame but God works in mysterious ways! 

Fast forward to Jan 2020, a new show season, and with that we have decisions to make, things to add and also some cuts to make. Due to lack of participation we have made the call to remove the AQHA approved classes, gaited classes and the classic division. We have also combined the English and western lead line entries and the same with the walk division. We took out one jumper class but will keep one "small version" with the option of jump heights, added another class to the beginner equitation division and changed the name of our new combo division to "New Team" which will hopefully make it less confusing to new entries. We've added in a few ranch classes, an adult walk division, an arab/morgan division and combined our ADDED MONEY class for western and English entries.  We will be holding our shows at our farm (Flat Iron Farm) where we have an indoor, outdoor, plenty of easy, accessible parking and more. We will still have plenty of incentives, such as our Trainer Incentive Program, high point awards for the shows, year end circuit points and more. Check back for updates! Please join us for a fun-filled year!